Review Of The Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle…

best gas grills under 300The Blackstone 36 inch griddle is an amazing device you must try if you plan to grill for your family and friends this summer.

Consider all the points on this grill before making your final decision, and you have something that could help you make your most favorite foods this summer.

The best gas grill under 300 dollars is easy to find when you know where to look.

Blackstone has made something that is easy to use, meets all your needs, and is Mobile when necessary.

1. Starting Up The Blackstone Griddle…

how to use a gas grill for the first timeIf you’ve ever asked questions about how to use a gas grill, the place to can cause people to stumble is the startup.

The reason why is because with some grills it can be difficult.

Restarting this device is simple once the propane tank is attached. Turn the dial until you hear the flame start after a couple clicks.

The flame burns underneath the grates where you can see, and but it does not rise very high.

You should leave the lid open when starting so you can see the flames, and you must check to be certain they are off when the gas is shut down.

2. The Heating Zones…

how to cook on a gas grillThere are four major heating zones on this grill…

…and there is a little rack for the buns and other sundries you must heat.

The heating zones can be changed using their dials…

…and you must shift them when putting food in each area.

Girl pork on one side at a very high temperature, but grill your hamburgers low and slow on another part of the grill.

There is a side burner that you should use for pots, and it helps you make a sauce while out on the grill.

There is no need to go in and out of the house when making your food, and the side burner could be used to keep things warm while you wait.

Move your cooking operations outside by sliding everything over to the lowest heating zone to keep it warm, and you still have three spaces to heat all your food.

The people who come over expect hot food, and you can serve it right off the grill while preparing many other things at the same time.

3. Accessories And Mobility…

grilling basicsYou have a rack for storage underneath…

…and there are wheels on the device that help you move where you need.

The grill is not a static device, and it should be moved where you feel most comfortable cooking.

You could set up the cookout on your front lawn over Halloween, and it can be in the back when the summer starts.

The rack below holds all your cooking tools, and the wheels can be locked when you do not want the device moving around.

A mobile grill is much safer than one of the heavier devices on the market.

In Conclusion…

how to light a gas grillThe Blackstone 36 inch griddle is the best gas grill under 300 dollars, and it helps you when there is a lot of cooking to do/not much time to do it in.

There are four places to apply heat to your food, and all your accessories can be stored underneath.

The device is mobile for summer cookouts, and it runs on a simple propane tank.


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